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Master's Thesis


This study examines organizational commitment in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic through two similar, yet distinct, pathways. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of my graduate school subject matter. This project reflects my ability to develop a complex, real-world research design and conduct a study from start to finish. My study reflects my ability to conduct an in-depth literature review and build a case for the research question, as well as appropriately design and execute research that answers the question. I demonstrate a deep knowledge of advanced statistical procedures such as Multiple Regression, Factor Analysis, and Conditional Process Analysis. My study also reflects my ability to organize and summarize data, including interpretation and communication of the results in both written and oral format. Throughout the entirety of the project, I also demonstrated my ability to take constructive criticism and apply it in a productive manner, resulting in a final product that was submitted on time and defended successfully.

Thesis: Files
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